Labour Hire

JRT Group employs over 80 qualified tradespeople, operators, technicians and engineers to fulfil our clients’ requirements.

Our workforce is skilled across all industrial trades, maintaining updated qualifications, inductions and tickets to be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. JRT Labour Hire also offers skilled operators to accompany our Equipment Hire capabilities.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the civil construction, mining and rail industries, and our crews operate to above industry-standard safety and quality benchmarks.

JRT Labour Hire has teams available for:

  • Short and long term projects
  • Civil construction, mining and industrial
  • Supervisory, trade and project management positions
  • Ad-hoc and backfill labour hire

Contact JRT Labour Hire today to discuss how we can complement your current and future workforce requirements.

JRT Labour Hire is one of the four pillars of the JRT Group. Our capabilities also extend to civil construction, equipment hire and machinery maintenance.