Roller Hire

JRT Group offers roller hire including smooth drum roller hire, padfoot roller hire and multi tyred roller hire across Central Queensland.

A multi-tyred roller is a necessary piece of heavy equipment that many civil construction companies and clients use in their earthmoving and roadwork projects. It doesn't matter if your project is somewhere in a remote area or right in the city, a road roller can help you complete your project and save you valuable time and money.

JRT Group has smooth drum roller hire for projects in Gracemere, the Capricorn Coast and throughout Central Queensland.

Since transportation by road is such a large industry throughout Australia, there are dozens of civil construction projects that require the use of a multi-tyred roller or compactor hire. Having the option of roller hire available ensures that both small and large companies can take on these projects without worrying about breaking their budgets.

Allow JRT Group to take the stress and worry out of your civil construction projects. We'll work to make the roller hire process easy and quick, and our clients can expect the same can-do attitude and dedication from JRT Group that our previous customers have received.

Take advantage of JRT Group's roller hire in Emerald and across Central Queensland.

If you need a qualified and experienced operator to operate your multi-tyred roller, JRT Group has skilled operators available that make it quick and easy to get the roller hire you need to complete your project.

Our experienced operators can take the stress out of sourcing your own operators, and this allows you to focus your attention on your project at hand. Whether this is a smaller roadwork project or a large-scale civil construction project, you'll save time and money by using JRT Group's roller hire.

At JRT Group we maintain, service and supply padfoot drum roller hire for projects in Rockhampton, Mackay, Gladstone, Middlemount and throughout Central Queensland.

Padfoot rollers differ from smooth rollers by building up soil strength as part of the compacting process. This choice of roller is useful for projects where you need to compact soil to greater depths. They also have greater traction and manoeuvrability, making our padfoot rollers for hire useful for compacting trenches and other narrow areas.

With JRT Group's expert operators, you can keep peace of mind knowing that your compacting job is in good hands. We are a fully comprehensive civil construction company with high-quality and modern rollers available for hire for projects throughout Rockhampton, Emerald, Mackay, Moranbah, Shoalwater Bay, the Bowen Basin and the Central Queensland coast. 

JRT Group offers roller hire to multiple locations across Central Queensland.

If your next project is in Rockhampton, Emerald, Gracemere, Yeppoon, Shoalwater Bay, the Capricorn Coast or throughout Central Queensland, JRT can provide you with roller hire. We'll send our equipment and experienced operators straight to your site as soon as you contact us.

Contact JRT Group for road roller hire and compactor hire today!

For quality equipment, flexible contracts and competitive rates, contact JRT Group. We'll work with you to set up your contract and get your road roller out to your project site quickly!

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